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Much ado Proposal
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Acting Resume

Representative Stage Experience


Project                                   Role                          Theater                                          Director

Shakespeare in Love             Lord Wessex           Tacoma Arts Live                          Chris Nardine

Don Giovanni                        Leporello                 The Core Ensemble                     Julia Holden-Hunkins
The Coaster Show                Various                     The Core Ensemble                     Various

Much Ado About Nothing  Claudio                     Seattle Shakespeare Festival      Jon Kretzu

The Fair Play Festival           Boggles / Randy      Fair Play Festival                          Jana Blumberg

The Tempest                         Ferdinand                Cornish College of the Arts        Jane Nichols

Keep Away                            Mean Hologram      Microsoft Hololens                      Core Ensemble

The Clown Show 2016         Limpy                        Cornish College of the Arts        David Taft

O-Fest                                   Various                     Cornish College of the Arts         Kathleen Collins

Wild Kate                              Bo                             Cornish College of the Arts        Annie Lareau

The Egg Show                      The Egg                   The Core Ensemble                     Clara Hayes

Shadows of Doubt               Ensemble                 Cornish College of the Arts        Marc Kenison

Click. Hello, God?                Patient                      The Core Ensemble                     Marco Voli

The Myth Projects                Vertumnus                Cornish College of the Arts        Marya Sea Kaminski

Jekyll and Hyde                    Ensemble                 Camelot Theater Company        Livia Genise

Gypsy                                    Tulsa                          Camelot Theater Company        Livia Genise

White Christmas                  Ensemble                  Camelot Theater Company        Livia Genise


BFA in Theater: Original Works - Cornish College of the Arts


Voice Over / Adv. Vocal Technique                       Cornish College of the Arts       Kate Myer

Embodied Voice / Seven Limbs                            Cornish College of the Arts       Rhonda J. Soikowski

Speech (Dialects)                                                    Cornish College of the Arts       Terri Weagant

Vocal Instruction (Music)                                        Cornish College of the Arts       Michael Delos

Voice and Speech I                                                 Cornish College of the Arts       Alyssa Keene

Vocal Instruction (Music)                                        Camelot Theater Company       Renee Hewitt



Ballet I, Jazz I, Modern, Hip-hop                          Studio Roxander                         Rocky Roxander

Tap, Jazz                                                                 Camelot Conservatory                Rebecca Campbell

Basic Ballroom                                                       Evergreen Ballroom                    Cory Grimm

Intermediate Argentine Tango                             Evergreen Ballroom                    Judith and Jean Paul

Physical Technique

Biomechanics / Mask / Character / Clown          Cornish College of the Arts       David Taft

Physical Technique I: Yoga, Suzuki                       Cornish College of the Arts       Ellen Boyle

Physical Technique II:  Lecoq, Neutral Mask       Cornish College of the Arts       Kiera McDonald


Special Skills

Trombone, Guitar

Stage Combat: expected certification in hand to hand, broadsword, and rapier and dagger May 2017

Basic Circus Arts: Juggling, Acro-balances, Rolla-Bolla, Tumbling

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